Raleigh Strippers 101 Faq
Why should I choose Outcall Strippers instead of going to a Strip Club?
You want to make this a night to remember for your best friend, if you are a small group of 2 or 3 a strip club is the way to go. Now if you have a bigger group, having the dancers come to you is more cost effective and much more fun, more wild, and absolutely the best way to go. Your bachelor gets more attention and all the guys get awesome lapdances, and you get to experience a two girl duo show.
Why should I use Raleigh Strippers 101?
Raleigh Strippers 101 has the highest standards in the exotic entertainment industry. We employ only the highest-class entertainers. Our specialty is providing a complete entertainment experience, whether it's for a mega-extravaganza or just a small, discreet get-together. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we'll do ever ything in our power to ensure that you and your guests have a great time.
What types of entertainment does Raleigh Strippers 101 offer?
We provide classy exotic entertainment for practically any type of occasion or event, including private shows, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, frat parties, sorority parties, birthday parties, going-away parties, girls'-night-out events, office parties, and boat parties. Aside from these events, if you're planning a themed party or an unusual get-together, we specialize in providing original entertainment to meet all your needs.
What can I expect from your company?
You'll receive the best service throughout all stages of planning and managing your event.
When should I reserve my entertainment?
We recommend that you book your entertainment as early as possible. We are capable of providing same-day service, but booking early gives you the widest choice of entertainers possible.
When do I need to pay for the dancers?
You only pay when the dancers arrive. Cash only. No deposits required!
Are the dancers on your website the only ones available?
No. We have numerous dancers to choose from, and not all are featured on the website. Many are young college students or aspiring actresses or models who work as independent contractors and thus do not wish to have their professions publicized on the web for all the world to see. Give us a call, and we'll fill you in on all the options that are available. For dancers you are unable to preview, you can rest assured that each of our entertainers is hand-picked and well-trained, and that we only employ individuals who meet our high standards.
When I choose dancers from your website, will I definitely get the ones I pick?
We'll do everything we can to send you the dancers that you pick. However, please understand that our dancers are independent contractors and are free to opt out of any work we assign them. To increase your chances of getting the entertainers you choose, be sure to book as early as possible, and it also helps to have flexibility with your start time. Also, don't forget to give us a long list of dancers you would enjoy. This way, when your top choices are unavailable, we'll be able to send you your backup picks. We'll make sure your back-up dancers fit the general profiles of the ones you picked.
Are pictures or video allowed?
Under no conditions are pictures or video allowed . If you simply must have pictures of an entertainer, please ask politely, and respect her wishes if she declines.
Can my party go on longer than the time allotted?
Most parties end up lasting longer than their allotted times. You can expect your party to last longer if the entertainers are tipped well and treated with respect, and if the guests are energetically participating in the activities.
I've never thrown this type of party before. What actually happens?
There's not much to it. The entertainers will arrive with all the equipment they need. They will bring music, lighting and props. There is more info on the party services page.
Is this like an escort service?
Absolutely not! We provide stripping services only. Raleigh Strippers 101 abides by all local, state, and federal laws regarding dancers, bars, alcohol, and rental facilities. Illegal gambling and illicit drugs are not allowed at our events.